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Architecture builted in Android

The structure of our architecture is Readable, Simple and Scalable in every app. We offer multiple patterns for the architecture depending of the problem we are addressing, MVC, MVVM or MVP. We reduce number of activities making the application Resource Friendly, making a reusable code in every step, smaller controllers and views more practical and efficients. We centralize the control configuration and dependencies.

Cloud and Server Connections

Every project has different resource requirements. Cloud environment provides the Flexibility to launch powerful development environment depending on project’s requirement. We built environments that can be Accessed from Anywhere. We Introduce the sync development environment that runs in the cloud and does code sync between local machine and cloud. Asynchronous enviroments make more flexible clouds.

Multiple API's

Our nivels of abstractions make posible the of move to Dependency Injection in the Future. We maximize the use of API's Only the necessary parts, secure and in constant evolution. All the API's we use are builted by us or one of the companies below:

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Minttcode Software Development Android Development

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Consulting and Code Audits from Google Developers Experts
We count with and incredible partnership with influential and recognized speakers at developer conferences, content creators and of course, experts in Android. The scalability of your app inside Google Play Store is importan for us, our rattings are close to 30% in the first 4 months.

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